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Originally Posted by FACE View Post
Are these Canadian prices or American? It would help if you filled in the profile a bit more so we know where you are from.

The difference in prices for all the guns you listed are reasonable based on the make and quality of the gun. Preference of pistols is solely up to t he individual cause what you listed are ALL different for different reasons. I personally like Glocks and not 1911's but that's just me. I guess you can say that it's just as subjective as asking what type of music you should listen to.

We do have a search function here to read reviews and discussions on various styles of pistols. It wouldn't hurt to do a bit of research yourself.

Canadian. I updated my location. And I have read reviews on the SS226 and M9. I guess the 226 is off the list because most, if not all, of the reviews are negative. Based on what I've read, I personally would get the M9. Problem is I don't know if metal slide pistols have more problems than full metal. I'm really buying the gun for use inside the house, not in airsoft wars or anything. I just don't want a gun that'll break down in a couple of weeks after using it for target practice.
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