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Aftermath Broxa $100 Good Price?

Hello everyone, long time lurker first time poster!

I just have a quick question. Is the Aftermath Broxa for $100 a good price? I've read a few threads on the gun and it seems like the overall opinion is that if you're just a casual user it's alright.

I'm fairly new to airsoft and I'll probably only end up playing with a few friends now and then and doing some target practice with the gun. I should really point out that I'm really more of collector than user.

So, would paying a $100 for the gun and opening it up and tinkering with it(painting,etc) be worth it? Also if I'm only going to be using the gun off and on should I still upgrade some of the stuff inside? I guess the same question can be asked about the Kraken as I have one of those as well.

Sorry for the extremely newbie question.


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