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hello, yes im new!

first of all; hello to everyone both new and old.
now, i have been interested and aware of this hobby for quite some time, my first air soft gun was a sig p228 springer that i got at a army surplus in quebec years ago. i then subsequently bought a tokyo marui mp5k as my AEG, two TMP's springer by Academy and a tokyo marui glock17........springer! :banghead: i bought all this back in 2002 from a company called "APEC".....i have never played an airsoft game in my life, and to be perfectly honest i haven't even used ANY of my airsoft guns since then really. it is now 2011 and i NEED a hobby. airsoft has always seemed so cool and different, i have played paintball before and enjoyed that, i am more than sure that i will like airsoft too, probably more so! i really can feel it, i know that i am ready....err well sort of. its been a long time since 2002 and i missed a lot since then, as of now i am playing catch up just trying to figure out what has changed.
now recently i dug my mp5k out of a pile of boxes plus all my gear in an effort to incorporate this hobby into my life now. great right? well after charging my mp5k and shooting a few mags something broke! it would fire but no longer feed bbs. after opening up the gear box, i found that the part that pulls back the air nossle on the gear that pulls back the piston broke off and subsequently that "monkey metal" nub destroyed another gear; the first gear that the motor drives. so yeah i HAVE to get new gears now, its too bad too since i got it brand new just i never used it, so its old but unused! i shot about 5 standard mags through it before that. oh well.
my number one priority is to have FUN that's all i want from this. i am a legal adult, i live in Toronto Ontario (down town core) i don't drive or have a car now, i did some looking around and im sure the guys at are closest to me in fact they are in walking distance. i will contact them for both the age verification and gear parts at the same time! yay
there is still so much to find out and to do, that i hope im not forgetting anything in this long introduction. i hope to get to know all of you soon maybe meet some of you and play some airsoft. stay safe and remember to have lots of FUN!

over and out
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