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Originally Posted by Wetmelon View Post
Yooooo, whatup?! My name's Paul, hailing from Asheville, NC, but I'm originally from Goderich, ON. I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Western Ontario for year and built a cool car ---> Click here for cool car videos <---, but I managed to flunk out and get stuck back in the states

I just got into airsoft recently, and my kit includes:

JG S-System Enhanced
1 point harness.. tan
... ? Blue jeans?
Ooh! I did buy a pair of tan boots with some camo on them...

Hehe. Being that I'm the only Canadian down here, I'm going to be grabbing some CADPAT gear and a tacvest... and more mags, and more ammo, and more mags, and... where was I? Oh right, more ammo

But to look at this stuff on here, I need to be AV'd, which is difficult from here... any ideas, guys? Any AV'ers taking a road trip to Florida who need room & board for a night? :P
Hey there! Welcome to ASC... anyways since your Canadian but currently in the states, I dont think you can get age verified unless your in Canada and did you by the airsoft gun in the states? And are you coming back to Canada?If you are you might have some trouble getting that through :| or even not be able to get it through... BUT if your staying in the states than you can purchase your guns in the states.

Oh btw You chosed a perfect sport
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