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Yooooo, whatup?! My name's Paul, hailing from Asheville, NC, but I'm originally from Goderich, ON. I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Western Ontario for year and built a cool car ---> Click here for cool car videos <---, but I managed to flunk out and get stuck back in the states

I just got into airsoft recently, and my kit includes:

JG S-System Enhanced
1 point harness.. tan
... ? Blue jeans?
Ooh! I did buy a pair of tan boots with some camo on them...

Hehe. Being that I'm the only Canadian down here, I'm going to be grabbing some CADPAT gear and a tacvest... and more mags, and more ammo, and more mags, and... where was I? Oh right, more ammo

But to look at this stuff on here, I need to be AV'd, which is difficult from here... any ideas, guys? Any AV'ers taking a road trip to Florida who need room & board for a night? :P
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