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49. A prohibited device is:
(a) any component or part of a weapon, or any accessory for use with a weapon that is prescribed to be a prohibited device (e.g. any device designed for the purpose of discharging cartridges in rapid succession, bull-pup stocks, etc.);
(b) a handgun barrel that is equal to or less than 105 mm (approximately 4.1 inches) in length, but does not include any such handgun barrel that is prescribed where the handgun barrel is used in international sporting competitions governed by the rules of the International Shooting Union;
(c) a device or contrivance designed or intended to muffle or stop the sound or report of a firearm, such as silencers (please note that some silencers attached to airsoft guns may also be deemed prohibited devices if they can be used in real firearms);
(d) large-capacity cartridge magazines prescribed by regulation; or
(e) a replica firearm.


54. The following are examples of devices that may be considered replica firearms (however, each device must always be assessed on a case-by-case basis and taking into account all the above-mentioned criteria):
(a) Toy guns and starter pistols do not generally qualify as firearms. However, some toy or model guns and starter pistols may be designed with very realistic mechanisms or appearances (e.g., colour, size, scale, translucency) and resembling a real make and model of a firearm. In such cases, they may be considered replica firearms even if they are made of plastic, die-cast zinc, or other material.
(b) Most airsoft guns and certain types of paintball guns or markers are considered replica firearms. This is because the muzzle velocity of the projectile does not generally cause serious bodily harm and their external features are clearly designed to resemble a specific and readily identifiable make and model of a firearm. The jurisprudence has established that to consider a firearm within the meaning of s. 2 of the Criminal Code, an airsoft gun must have a muzzle velocity in excess of 124 meters per second (407 feet per second). Therefore, due to their strong resemblance to real firearms and their lack of capacity to cause serious bodily injury, most airsoft guns (and some paintball guns) are generally considered replica firearms.

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