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Originally Posted by Redzephyr View Post
Man, if I could've gotten a case of paint for reffing for a day back when I played paintball, I would've been made!
I don't usually hear of them getting a case of paint very often (and I think it's a case split between the refs so if there's 4 that's 500 balls each) but yeah field fee and lunch for reffing is common.

If I got lit up in the next match I would stand near the guy and yell to everyone else on the field that he's right beside me and point to where he is. Either that or when they're not looking snipe them with a pump marker in subsequent games.

@redzaku; Build up days are always good for volunteering and you get to see something getting built and your work is tangible once you're done. You can also cut back brambles, hardpack paths, repair walkways/bunkers/fences/boundaries, and other general safety maintenance on the field. Really there's lots of opportunities and always something to be done on fields.

Other than that, like I said marathon and fun runs are always good.
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