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Dude! Have you ever heard of EASY? (Edmonton Airsoft Youth Group) I'm sure that you could help them out with games and whatnot, I'm actually surprised you don't play with them (or at least make it out in your OP that you didn't play with them). Otherwise I'm sure EAR would be accommodating in letting you marshal or something. Maybe a local PB field will let you marshal, who knows they always need people to marshal and will give them a few free entry tickets and/or a case of balls if you ref for a day.

Other than that I do believe you need to get police background checked if you want to volunteer at a Community Centre for sports. Possibly even if you're a High School student.

Really this is hard, are there any marathons or "fun runs" in the city? Try that, I got like 8 hours of volunteer time from volunteering for the Vancouver Marathon when I was in high school.
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