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Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
Who knows? 'Speznaz' is a pretty broad term. It means 'special forces' and is used in a very general sense by the Russian military. I guess these guys aren't important or sensetive enough to need their identities protected. I mean (I don't know for sure) but I don't think US Rangers or Royal Marine Commandos get their faces blanked out either...
Right.... Keep having to be reminded of that little fact that "Spetz" is an all encompassing term not being one specific unit/battalion.

Aren't the Royal Marines supposed to be "British Commandos"? (or at least what became of them after WWII). It would stand that you'd want to protect their identities.

OK.... what about PPCLI do they get their faces blanked out? (Well I assume some would at least but do they all?)
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