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Yeah, already have that taken into account. The A&K mag runs on 3V and the G&P on 9V. I'll dig out my old electronics parts from the college days and build a circuit so I can drop some of that excess voltage across some resistors or something before feeding the control board,
I run an A&K m60e4 and thats exactly how its set up, theres two lines runing into the gun one for the battery and one for the boxmag which is hooked into a small circut board with some resistors on it which in turn is hooked into the main power lines at a mosfet with what is basicly a dimmer switch on it which allows fire rate control. So that when the trigger is pulled it auto winds the box mag. This is how it came from the factory but it shouldent be hard to rig up if you have the knoledge.
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