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I don't know how they're misleading by saying that. They're 100% correct. If you agree to assume all risks for importing on your own, then they'll ship it to you. You paid them, they did their part by shipping and giving you fair warning that it will most likely be seized by customs. There are some foreign retailers who won't even grant you that. They'll just ship to you without warning. Once they have your money, they don't care. They did their part. It's up to the importer to know their own laws and know whether something can be imported or not.

I'm sure a small percentage do get through, since customs can't open every package they receive. But specific retailers like eHobby are flagged, so pretty much anything that comes from them gets examined by customs, meaning that you can pretty much kiss your money goodbye.

So its in your best interest to simply follow the advice of the others who have replied. Wait for your AV status to kick in and buy in Canada. Personally, I'd rather pay $750 for a gun in Canada and actually receive my item than piss $450 out the window and have nothing to show for it.
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