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Originally Posted by killrcanuk View Post
Hello all, I just wanted to get some community feedback on dealing with I want to purchase the Magpul Masada ACR and when I contacted them they said that they could ship the rifle to me BUT...I had to assume the responsibility if the rifle gets "jacked" at the border by Canada Customs. In essence, they are saying if the rifle ends up in purgatory I cannot go back to them and whine about it.

Has anyone ordered a rifle from these guys? Did you get said product with no hassle from the feds? Feedback would be much appreciated.
They`re the devil for me, Especially since I`m on their website all day long browsing to spend more money I dont have lol. I Ordered a KJW M9 Full Metal Through a guy, and couldnt be more Happier.

Though Everyone else here is right man, gotta get AV`d then you`ll get them off your back. I didnt put one single post on here until I went to get AV`d....

Once I did, There were ZERO ppl reminding me to get AV`d. Your best Piece of Advice is to just stop posting asking questions ESPECIALLY about importing guns. You`ll get flamed hardcore, and for the most`ll deserve it for not reading FAQ`s.

Anyways Goodluck With Ehobby...They`re hit and miss for consistency from what I hear, but i`d give em a 5/5 since I have no issues with them other than, THEY HAVE SO MUCH FREAKING STUFF I WANT NAO!!!! 1337 H4X!
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