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Guys, if he's going to buy at the convention he's probably 18. I can't say for certain but that's probably the case. As for the AV thing, users have lives as well, just like the AV reps have lives. Maybe the schedules conflict (ie. user works graveyard shifts, AV rep works day shifts). For me at least it took about 3 or 4 weeks of going back and forth between me and the AV rep checking our schedules for some time we could both meet up before I could get AV'ed.

TBH, if you're a tinkerer then the Broxa might not be a bad choice but then again something could go terribly wrong and you end up with a paper weight. JG is a step up and compared to when they were a new company it's better. G&G I consider a slight step up from that but again I put it in the same category as JG; low-mid end china clones.

I'm sure if you go to the airsoft convention or whatever that there will be a retailer selling an MP5, and who knows maybe you can get it slightly cheaper, maybe not.
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