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Originally Posted by prevost_r View Post
i think your on crack bud i think you need to go play paintball since you dont no shit about airsoft and i think i no what i was talking about if you look you'll see thunder b grenadddddddddde in my question not thunder b shell the shells i was talking about are the shells for the grenade since you need to replace them everytime so you see little man its not a confusing when you dont no what your talking about i thought guys like you that apperently nos everything would ne what im talking about ohh and one more thing before you argue and try to tell me what i was asking you should look in to it before talking to people all ignorant thanks for your help it was useless anyway
I'm sorry that was extremely hard for me to read. If you would be so kind as to use appropriate grammar in the future it would make it a world easier for people to assist you instead of trying to figure out what you wrote while their eyes bleed all over their keyboard.

Back to the topic at hand here is my response to your inquiry in a format even harder to read than your above post.


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