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Originally Posted by Crunk_Ain't_Dead;1381363
I have pretty much decided on some model of MP5. Hopefully something with a full stock for larger batteries. I have held a springer M4 and did not like the feel/functions if it at all. Mp5s still have readily available mags, readily available internal/external upgrades.I know fully that clones are not recommended for first guns as they have reliability issues. [COLOR="Red"
I have spend hours, literaly HOURS online on and other sites figuring out how V2s work, and I think that I know enough to install parts that would make it reliable for indoor games, such as installing metal bushings and re-shimming and de-greasing the whole thing. (Common problems with clones from what I hear). [/COLOR]

I have a very busy schedule and I cannot go to get Age Verified for a while. For a clone MP5, with batteries/mags etc, what should I expect to pay? I saw a JG MK5 SD5 for 230$ on Chixx airsoft... should I just get that our could I get better value for my money in the classifieds/at the convention?
There is a reason we tell people on here to get age verified and that's so people do not circumvent the system they have in place here.

You say you have spent LITERALLY hours on mechbox and have been a member for almost 2 years now but haven't had the time because of your busy schedule,to get age verified? I find that hard to believe.

Sorry if I sound frustrated, but it's late at night, I'm on Nyquil and Team Canada just lost the Gold cup medal game. Arghhhhh!!!

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