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AEG thoughts.

I want to start off by thanking everyone in the last thread I posted, who cleared up pretty much all the issues I had.
Now comes the real question: 1st AEG.
Now I have been saving my pennies for one for the better part of two years, but things just kept coming up... I was hoping to buy a stock Marui and run that 'cause I really only want to play CQB but as it stands, I will really only have enough for a rather cheap gun, such as a JG or CYMA/Cybergun. I know it isn't recommended, but it's all I can afford now, and will be able to well into the foreseeable future.

I have pretty much decided on some model of MP5. Hopefully something with a full stock for larger batteries. I have held a springer M4 and did not like the feel/functions if it at all. Mp5s still have readily available mags, readily available internal/external upgrades.I know fully that clones are not recommended for first guns as they have reliability issues. I have spend hours, literaly HOURS online on and other sites figuring out how V2s work, and I think that I know enough to install parts that would make it reliable for indoor games, such as installing metal bushings and re-shimming and de-greasing the whole thing. (Common problems with clones from what I hear).

I have a very busy schedule and I cannot go to get Age Verified for a while. For a clone MP5, with batteries/mags etc, what should I expect to pay? I saw a JG MK5 SD5 for 230$ on Chixx airsoft... should I just get that our could I get better value for my money in the classifieds/at the convention?

Sorry for these n00b-ish questions, I just need to know how much money I need to set aside for this.
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