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Yes. Since you are in Toronto a lot of the places around here have 350 FPS max (some places extremely strict about it). Chronos are generally available on site so you don't need to buy one. Always nice to have a few AEG springs so you can get the right FPS so you don't end up shooting a guy close range with a 550 FPS gun. Sometimes people will have tools available to do the change and generally a lot of people are friendly enough to help you out if you don't know what you are doing. Ohh and also.. an AEG rifle/submachine gun will help you out in some fields in Toronto.. like Sgt. Splatters and Ultimate Airsoft.. they have long open spaces at times so it helps to have a decent gun.

Battery + Charger
Usually comes with the AEG depending on who you buy from.

Aim for Real Cap/Low Cap/Mid Cap mags. High caps are generally frowned upon, but some places will allow them until you get proper mags.

Sometimes sold at events, but not always. Easier to just pick up a bag yourself from one of the local vendors. Also stay away from silica BBs...

Eye Protection
Don't cheap out on this. This is for your safety. I recently played at a venue where a person was firing too hot or silica BBs. These suckers were able to break through 1cm thick glass. So imagine if a cheapo pair of goggles was shot... wouldn't look so pretty. Fog can make or break you in a game so one with a fan is generally recommended. ESS Goggles with fan would be a good recommendation.

High cut and ankle support work real well (reasons stated above by other members)

Will you be criticized..
Maybe, but who cares. You'll get to shoot the guy when the game starts. I'd recommend a vest/chest rig + sling to be added to your list only because it'll help you run around easier with your ammunition and lighten the load from your arms so you dont' have to always be carrying the full weight of the gun. If you had the vest/chest rig don't think anyone would look at you differently. Lots of people just show up in jeans and a hoodie and slap on their vests/rigs right on top.

Other things on the list you might want to add:
- gloves that protect your knuckles and fingers
- a scarf to protect your neck from getting shot
- knee pads (two reasons: You may be kneeling a lot for cover and it'll save you on getting your pants dirty/ripped/torn)
- proper bag/case to transport your gun(s) in. I know people who use old guitar cases to avoid anyone knowing what's in the bag.

Just remember... if they ever said something to offend you. Just be honest with them and just tell them I'm new and I don't really know much. A lot of people will understand where you are coming from because we all had to start somewhere. By stating this early before the game starts to the person hosting the event is generally a good thing because they will give you a run down on the field, safty precations, and safe zone areas and what you need to do to make sure it is kept safe for yourself and other people.

Most importantly... it's a game... just have fun. Who cares if anyone looks at your differently because you are starting out. You'll pick up things like working as a team, strategies in CQB, and all the other goodies in time.

Hope you have a blast with airsoft =)
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