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No not usually. If you go to strict scenario games then you'll be denied entry but you shouldn't be going to those kinds of games in the first place anyways.

No need for helmet or radio, I don't even run those, not to mention the helmet just makes you a slightly bigger target and impairs your hearing (for me it impairs me hearing as well as slightly impairing my balance....).

Chest rig doesn't need to be purchased right away (I borrowed a chestrig my first game) but it's something you should pick up eventually. For your first game holding your mags in your BDU pockets and doing a "lightweight" loadout is OK, and hell some people even do run super lightweight "scout" loadouts like that holding 2 mags in their upper slanted BDU pockets and another few in their BDU pant pockets.

As for the not showing up in BDU's (speaking about outdoor games)..... it's iffy, they're nice of course but if you could do a convincing "PMC" loadout it would be perfect in my eyes, just don't show up to a game with neon SB Dunks, skinny jeans and a tight fitting "V neck" shirt with a tight fitting hoodie and you'll be fine (basically don't come looking like a hipster).

At a CQB game, you'll probably be fine in runners (no chance of rolling ankles here), "regular" jeans (ie. from Marks Work Wearhouse, or something you'd find at a "tack shop"), and a plain tshirt or plain dress shirt (like something a police detective or undercover agent would wear).
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