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It really depends on your play style toronto has games that host indoor cqb games and games around toronto host outdoor games I would suggest tryin both, who knows you may like both. As for your gear you are pretty set in terms of starting gear it's basically what I started with I just used an old set of my my dads work clothes that he didn't need anymore and that's how I played formu first few games I then slowly bought some mags and other gear. That was over a year ago... Today? I play in jeans still once in a while mainly because it's comfortable and I like to go for a merc look sometimes. When I play bush games I have a full set of bdus that I use and I use everything else: RRV my helmet gloves pouches, slings, tac boots, radio, camo paint etc etc... As my true love for this hobby is in milsim and I would love to get into more of it. When I skirmish or play cqb it's usually jeans and civvies or bdu pants and civvies with my gear over top. I'd say go with what you are comfortable with and then try different things down the road and see what suits you! Have fun!

Oh and death2000 is absolutely correct if you are to spend money on sobering with quality (aside from your AEG) it should be your boots he's write as a snapped ankle will ruin a good portion of the season and it never heals properly, I would know and trust me it sucks. A good pair of police boots is what use (currently magnums) a few good brands to loom at are are original swat, 5.11, magnums, merril (don't know if I spelt that right) are a few to look at to get you started or as death2000 said get a pair of combats!

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