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Stuff I need?

Hey all:
I turned 18 last month, I plan to get Age Verified next month or so, and I would like to start going to games in the spring. I'm hoping to try to buy a (used) AEG at the Toronto Airsoft Convention in March. (Used as I'm on a tight budget)
Basically, I'm wondering what I need. I realize that there was a thread about this recently, but it didnt really answer all my questions.
I realize, at bare minimum I need:
-BBs (Bought at the event probably)
-Eye protection
I've got boots and a paintball mask, the rest I'll be buying ASAP.

Will I be criticized for being a "noob" for not showing up with BDUs, a chest rig/vest, helmet, radio and all that other jazz? Cause frankly, maybe apart from the chest rig/vest, I don't think that I'll buy the "extra" stuff, even later on down the road.
I will be playing CQB mostly, after watching videos of both Field and CQB, I think I'll prefer the latter.
Am I approaching this totally the wrong way or do some players also not go for the whole "dressing up as a soldier thing"? I don't look down on it or anything, but it's the actual gameplay, not the roleplay, that interests me.
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