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Hello all, I just wanted to get some community feedback on dealing with I want to purchase the Magpul Masada ACR and when I contacted them they said that they could ship the rifle to me BUT...I had to assume the responsibility if the rifle gets "jacked" at the border by Canada Customs. In essence, they are saying if the rifle ends up in purgatory I cannot go back to them and whine about it.

Has anyone ordered a rifle from these guys? Did you get said product with no hassle from the feds? Feedback would be much appreciated.
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HMMM....thanks for the reply RITZ, one question though....were you yelling at me or was the caps lock stuck.

As for the content of the seems that ehobbyasia mislead me it would seem.

On the subject of age has been done and will be updated soon me hopes so we can get past all the hostility towards those not yet age verified.

If you re-read the original question, it had NOTHING to do with soliciting anyones help in obtaining ANY weapons whatsoever...I was merely inquiring as to the general reliability of ehobbyasia.

if you had read the faq's you would have realized they did not mislead you
if you used the search button you would have found information about ehobby
if you are getting verified you should have already known importing guns is a no go
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