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Top gas = Red Gas = HFC 22 (A gas that's supposedly supposed to be phased out/banned by 2030) It has higher pressures than Propane at 20 Deg(C)

Green Gas (sometimes goes by the name "Girl Fart" I think it was Tru or PK that invented this term) = Propane = 1 lb. Coleman propane tank + propane adaptor + 2 drops 100% pure silicone oil (10 or 15 wt. RC shock oil) per ever 4 or 5 mags.

Pressures are as follows:

HFC-22 = ~130 psi at 20 Deg(C)
Propane = ~110 psi at 20 Deg(C)

SO if you use "Top gas"/Red gas in a pistol that's not rated for it you're getting higher pressures and as such higher chance of breaking thing due to increased wear.

Hope this helps..... If the above didn't make sense, don't be a sucker and pay for green gas, pick up a propane adaptor for like $20 or w/e, some silicone oil from your local RC shop, and go to CT and buy a 1lb propane bottle (any manufacturer is fine, all propane is the same just some add differing amounts of "bitterant" to their mix which is why some smell really nasty and others the smell isn't as strong but you can tell that there's a propane leak coming from somewhere).
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