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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
If you ask me an M110 spring is enough (~360-380 FPS), no need for an M120 to try and reach the limit, remember limit not a goal but you seem reasonable enough to understand that.

Also yes a paintball chrono will work, as will a real steel one (that is if you have access to a gun range or know someone with a real steel chrono). All it does is measure the speed of the projectile being shot through it, hell you could use a paintball chrono to measure how fast you can throw a pen or rock through it if you were so inclined to do that.
Cool thx. ill look at buying a m110 spring. what else sould i look at for increasing durability? is the garder gear set worth it? oh and for cqp (mp5) limit is 300. so an m90 spring should be good?
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