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I think the term you're looking for is "Barrel suck effect". Think about it though, there's only so much air the piston can push the BB so you're not really using the piston effectively if it's not a bore up (at least in theory/my mind). Remember, there's no replacement for displacement. It doesn't only work for car engines it works for anything with a piston, a 1.3 Litre I4 engine probably will never get as much power as a 3.0 Litre I6 (that is unless a shitload of things are done to it like porting, balancing, breathing mods, stage 3 turbo, etc. but even then.....).

Also if you decide to cut the barrel I believe you have to do something special with it, I forget the name of it but basically it involves jamming in a "cone" shaped thing into the end of the cut side of the barrel to make sure that the tube hasn't bent in on itself.
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