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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Cool. You might want to check out JOC (Joint Operations Calgary). Also I believe that you can play airsoft at Laser Trek when you're 16+ or something (I don't know what the rules they have are but it doesn't hurt to check it out/ask). Don't expect a yes though, although it's refreshing to know that someone in Generation Z is actually willing to wait for something instead of being the "hyper ADD instant gratification COD r00lez whiny brats" that I see all the time.
Your correct. Lazer Trek allows players over 16 with parental consent. Players play on Sunday's, Monday's, and Wednesdays. However each night has certain rules as they are run by different people. Wednesday's is 18+ usually. Lazer Trek also has rental guns as well for people new to the sport and wanting to try it out. <--- Website for the JOC Boards.
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