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Originally Posted by Enjoi View Post

Whats with Pistol Magazines being so expensive? 40 bucks a pop? for what reason?!?! I got 5 Metal 68 Round M4 Mags for 50 bucks! GAH! I`m going broke so fast...
Get a few hi-capa magazines from Asia they're $30 each. Add in shipping and possibly duties/taxes then you're looking at around $35-40 each depending on how many you buy.

But like death2000 above me said it's materials and technology that's the major cost. Plus AEG mags are plastic, but lets say you get a metal AEG mag, the construction is simple enough just a piece of metal with a spring to push BB's up the follower, GBB mags on the other hand require that AND a gas reservoir, now whether or not that's worth the extra $10 premium I'm not sure but thats the costs, and thats the costs of doing business.
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