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I would agree to definitely get an AEG first they can be used year round and if you get yourself a decent one (ie. Kwa, classics army, Tokyo marui) they will last you quite a while and are pretty much maintenance free ( aside from general cleaning and what not) thought they do allow for a higher mag count I don't really like the sewing machine noise that comes from them. And for the most part they are more consists than gas rifles. Now gas on the other hand is fun as hell. They are obviously more realistic than AEGs. But they do take for the most part, initial upgrades to be considered gameable (exception the kjw/tk m4 ). They also require regular maintenance and cleaning. I thoroughly clean and lube my gbbr after every game and do maintenance teardowns once a month or more if required. Finally you have to consider that each mag holds the same amount of bb's as a real steal rifle --30-- trust me this is plenty I run 7 mags total when I game mine. Gbbrs force you to actually use your sights (iron or optics) when engaging targets as you have recoil to deal with now (not as much as a real steal but enough it needs to be considered). This further increases the realism. Also reloading takes a little longer as it's more than just changing mags (exception tactical reload). Gbbrs suffer from massive cool down, meaning they don't like cooler weather and basically are useless in temps of +10 and below ( again exception the kjw m4) in terms of spare parts there are tones of aftermarket parts for both the WE and WA/G&P WOC style gbbrs just need to know where to look. All I all both come down to personal preference. If you are going to go for the gas route prepare to do a lot of reading and research so that you can get your gun running smoothly and consistantly . AEGs are basically pull out the box and go play.

Thanks for the comment, it was very helpful! Yeah, if i were to get a GBBR it would be the KJW M4, but why is it the exception when it comes to upgrading and firing in conditions under 10+ degrees? Is it really good? Also, why do GBBRs take longer to reload?
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