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Sorry for not giving enough info on my bolt action.

As it stands, it shoots 450FPS with .2.

I've been using .3 bbs and manage to get 200feet pretty good. Lately I've been trying to use .4 bbs to increase my consistency. I figure that if I can shoot consistenly at 200feet and by arcing my shoots, I can get a pretty consistent arc if my shots are consistent.

I like the scope/head size method most.

I'm starting to consider lowering my fps becuase from what I read it gives the most consistency. I also just order a 650mm 6.03 inner barrel hoping it'll give me more consistency.

When I have everything put in my gun, I'll have all laylax internals and barrel with PDI hop up unit.

Another question.
I have a game coming up on the 16th. It's going to be cold(-10 to -20). Would the cold effect my hop up rubber by much?
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