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Originally Posted by BGrail25 View Post
The main point of being reliable is not just being able to last many years, but also to prevent breakage or other problems while you play. Even though your buddy's Wally M4 lasted a few years, that doesn't mean it's not going to break. Chances are its end is near.
When you're in a game, you really don't want some kind of problem like a jam or gearbox failure. Having a gun that's even a bit reliable will be much better than some piece of junk time bomb just waiting to screw up.
Mostly agreed. The major issue is that most airsoft companies (like car companies) suffer from QC problems and defects.
The best example is classic army. Back 2-3 years ago, they'd have cycling of crap and good guns. for 3 months they'd produce awesome internals that would last for a year or more, but after they re-established their customer base, their QC would bomb and their guns would come in broken from factory or only last 2-3 games. Then the cycle would repeat itself.
Same with G&P, they make amazing externals, but their internals are always hit and miss. I've seen a stock G&P last 3 years through VERY heavy gaming, and I've seen one last a few hours before a gear broke.

Luck IS a factor when buying an AEG. However tokyo marui has always been #1 for quality. They've got the lowest breakdown rate of any company I know of (above even systema).
If you want the most reliable AEG on the market, pick up a tokyo marui and keep it stock internally.
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