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Also, if you look at the KWC website officially the KWC Desert Eagle shoots at .6 Joules[/QUOTE]

this one with sticker and a test shoots at an avreage of .6j if this helps i am also using KA (king arms Green Gas) with an average FPS of 331 with .25g
so i srsly dought its anything cheap and i looked into the site and i dont think its any one of them, the second one is all metal, 3rd is closest my my sights are not adjustable (back might be, havent taken much time to readjust it) but being in canada its really hard to get any Really top notch airsoft. w/o ordering from the US. because of border stuff. most say its a moderate sucess rate if you declare it.

Ah ha thanks i am about 90% sure its KWC, main reason is the blowup diagram of the 100% takedown, my parts are VERY similar if not Identical. again Thank you for yout time and all of your help it is very kindly apreciated.

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