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Here's a good method I use for estimating distance... It was used by rifleman in the 16-1800's.

1. Put your thumb out at arms length
2. Line the top of your thumb up with a human, or a human sized object, so that the human's feet are pretty much sitting on the top of your thumb.
3. The distance estimation relies on how many full strides or regular steps this human can take over your thumb...
If 1 stride, 150 feet
If 2 strides, 300 feet
If 3 strides, 450 feet
If 4 strides, 600 feet
If 1 step, 75 feet
If 2 steps, 150 feet
If 3 steps, 225 feet
If 4 steps, 300 feet

You can add these together (like 2 strides, 1 step) for the most accurate estimation.

Another way to do it is bring a mini sextant and a calculator out to a game, measure the angle y between you and the other guy's head from a height of x... The range from you to him is a and the height of the guy is b (best to be 6)

Assuming x = 0, take sin y and divide b by that, equaling h, now use pythagrium theorem, h(squared) = b(squared) + a(squared), out of that there should be a value of a, which is the distance between you and him.

Also stated as... sin y/b = b(squared) + a(squared)

But by the time you've finished calculating that, the guy has probably moved, and you would have to redo your calculations... So it would be advisable to stick to the first method

Personally, on a good day, I have no problem taking and hitting targets past 300 feet at 340fps with .4's and hop up cranked.

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