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As has been mentioned, the people that run this site, as well as the Age Verifiers, don't get paid. They have to hold down regular jobs just like the rest of us and run this site in their spare time. That plus the fact that it's Christmas means things take alittle while. Be patient, it'll happen when it happens. It took three weeks for me.

The Classifieds has everything from brand new in box, to guns that have been lovingly used and upgraded for years, to ones that have hung on a wall for a decade. They are sold by both people and retailers. Descriptions of conditions will be in the sales posts. The AV system plus the Trader Rating system allows us to self-police ourselves very well, so you can generally trust what you see in the classifieds even if it is being sold by an individual. As to the weapons you mentioned, as Ritz stated, the mp40 should be fairly easy but the luger is probably going to take alittle more time.
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