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Since day one I've been estimating distances in a very simple way, and there are no tricks, equipment or anything to do my method. Literally, you learn to judge distance by looking at the amount of ground in between you and your target. I wear boots that are roughly 12" long, pick out (or set up) objects in your backyard and measure toe to heel to each one. Once you know the distances, look at them often and the amount of ground between you and them. Practice it often, while walking down the street, anytime, referencing what you already know. When in a parking lot or another area with lots of objects, reverse it, and pick out something that is a distance you know, such as "Which car is 200ft from me right now?" and check out the distances. It works well, is easy and you don't need to deal with mildots, scopes or anything.

As for shooting long ranges, isn't even really worth it for airsoft, I rarely go for anything past 200ft any more, unless it's just for shits and giggles and see if it works. I've dealt with many different velocities, ammo weights and brands, hop up rubbers, etc. and the only time I was ever able to get BBs out to 300ft was using 0.30g BBs and having my rifle set up for 340fps (w/0.20g), the rounds literally floated out there.

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