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Need some help estimating range.

Hello everyone!

I need some help with my range estimation to improve my snipping ability.

Now I know in order for a Bolt Action to shoot more than 300feet is very hard but might be possible in perfect condition.

Since I'm building my sniper to attempt to shoot that far, I figured I should start practising my range estimation.

How do you know how far someone is after roughly 100feet, 150feet, 200feet, 250feet and even 300feet?

I'm trying to learn how to arc my shoot as well, so I have a chance to hit a target that is further than my effective range. My scope has dots on the line, so I figured if I know roughly how far someone is, I can adjust how high I need to shoot to hit my target.

The only thing I have is my backyard which I'm sure I have roughly 300feet of straight line of sight(new area and no fences). Now I know I can try to shoot in my backyard, but I don't want to break the law and risk people's well being.

Any help or pointer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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