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I've seen someone rock a pistol once to an outdoor game. Guy was sneaky as fuck and the pistol was upgraded as well.

You don't NEED an AEG but unless you upgrade the pistol and run heavier BB's (at the cost of having a slower projectile = more leading of your shots relative to your target) you will generally be outgunned by people with 380 FPS rifles that have properly tuned hop ups, using .28's and all that jazz. Plus AEG's are automatic and the Hi-Capa is semi (unless you do the "full auto mod" (involves sanding/dremeling some part in order to get it to function full auto, beware that mod is unreversable) or get a Hi-Capa "Extreme").

I'd say get the TM if you can verify the seller took good care of it. Scratches are really just external aesthetics and will happen from use. If the seller is that upfront with you then it's probably a good bet that it was at least relatively well taken care of.

Also, the WE GBBR (GBB Rifle) line is great or so I'm told but apparently their GBB pistol line leaves something to be desired.
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