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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Pretty much everything needs to be condensed to the length of a twitter post of an FB status update for the sake of those who are to lazy to read. Well unfortunately for them that's not really possible. Ok thats not entirely true, its possible but it would be really hard to do and not very detailed.
Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post

The thing is that more and more people seem to suffer from A.D.D. and can't read past 140 characters. So they ask for an even shorter version so they won't have to strain their brain.

The FAQs are still 100% relevant.

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Originally Posted by WORD COUNT: 139 with spaces
YAY importable:
Any Tactical gears, magazines, parts except frame/ receiver
Frame/ receiver, Airsoft gun w/ <430fps or >840fps w/ 0.2g bb
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