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Should I buy this gun??

Hi everyone
I found a TM hi-cap sale post in classified section
and the owner stated that the gun is used quite frequently
and the pictures does show some scratches, but the price totally fit my budget.
its around $12x

But after this, i saw in the retailer section
a new WE hi-cap is just $210(5.1)

Should I buy the used one or save up for a new WE?
This is my first gun in Canada,
i rlly dont know how people play air soft here

and also someone told me i MUST have a aeg or
I will be slaughtered every game with a pistol
is the true?

I look for hi-cap, because I have a hi-cap gun(kp06) in hk
and i think it'll be easier to start with a similar system
and with two extra mag, i dont have to buy another mag here
(i brought the mags over)

Thanks for the patience to read my post
and answer my questions
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