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Did some research into the Cybergun rebrand of the Desert Eagle and it looks like the OEM is KWC.

Quote below:

KWC is a Taiwan based manufacturer of airsoft guns. Here's their website. It's worth exploring.

Cybergun is mainly a distributor and rebrander of other manufacturers' products, including KWC, though it seems as if Cybergun may actually produce a few guns of their own. Cybergun is based in France. I don't understand their exact corporate structure, but Cybergun has other incarnations in other countries--other "names" that belong to Cybergun or do business for Cybergun in other countries, or some such. Softair / Soft Air is one of them. Palco Sports is another. Also Firepower seems to be mixed up with them. The classic multinational.

Most websites that sell airsoft products don't make the distinction. When you see Cybergun, it's probably manufactured by somebody else, but Cybergun itself, and/or the website, may not disclose the original manufacturer. It's very confusing.

Cybergun is reviled in many quarters. (a) because they distribute a lot of very sub-par products (though not all of them are), and (b) because they have a lot of licensing agreements for R.S. trademarks that they control and charge mucho $$ for, either selling themselves or licensing out to other manufacturers. In this regard, they're rather like Umarex.
EDIT: New KWC website:

Also, if you look at the KWC website officially the KWC Desert Eagle shoots at .6 Joules
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