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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
If it's truly KSC it should have "MANUFACTURED IN TAIWAN" or something to that effect somewhere on the pistol likely in some random hard to see place. Both "Taiwan" and "Japan" versions will say this, just the Japan version is for the Japanese market due to their energy limits (1Joule).

Looking at the reference pic however (if it truly is "KSC") it seems to imply that it's KWA as KWA is made for the US/UK markets and due to US regulations orange tips are required as you can plainly see on the box the gun has an orange tip. However to the best of my knowledge KWA has never made a Desert Eagle.
on the side "Made in taiwan" Barely EEtched in the side of the plastic, i have a Serial Number on the Barrel unter the slide, TM puts em just above the grip on the right side. I belive its "licenced" by CG but nothing else indicates anything by CG

mine did have an orange tip but i poped it off with a pair of needle nose plyers (poorly glued on)

my MAIN purpose it to find out who makes it and get Extra parts and things.

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