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I can't access the FAQ thread so this might be out of place, V2 questions

Hello everyone, greetings from Musashi. I have never made a thread post or forum post without getting bashed and yelled at and made fun of for either not putting a period at the end of my sentences or just having an admin being mean. I have joined many airsoft forums out there and each one being the same, I just get bashed for absolutely no reason and when I speak out I get permanently banned completely. Sounds fair right? well I stopped posting for a long time until one of my friends told me at a game about this forum, he said that he had the same experience with other forums until he found this one, he said the people here are really nice and will help with anything, sounds right up my ally so here I go again.

I am currently writing a book, I plan for it to be released sometime the end of this year or next year maybe but I'm not in a big rush. This isn't one of those things where people start a few pages and then stop, I've gotten over 80,000 words last time I checked from Microsoft Word and something like 200 pages of writing done so far. Yes this is a huge project and I've been working on it mainly alone for over three years but I have come to the point where I need help. I'm not the kind of person where I wont ask for help when I need it but I really need it, because even I need things that I don't know about for this book. Which is basically an extremely huge end all for everything to do with airsoft from what kind of games you can play, to the respect factor on and off the field (as you can see above I've had plenty of experience in it) to an entire dictionary of terminology and how to make flags for capture the flag and fun facts and of course, step by step instructions on everything. Because I don't know of anything like this (at least when I started) and I got frustrated a lot when I first started out so I put all my effort into this publication. So what do I need?.

I need several things, for one I need someone who can draw very well to do some specific drawings for me with permission to use them in my book, I've gotten hold of a company that will publish my book and has taught me a lot about publishing it and its very difficult to do so with pictures taken off the internet, so I need it to be original. Even if there are many hundreds of thousands of pictures of lets say a V2 gearbox I can't use them. But that's not all, I also need to talk one on one with a technical wizard about airsoft guns, or more than one if I can even get that many to volunteer. I promise that everyone who volunteers and helps me will get a huge thank you and their name written in golden in big letters in this book and their name known throughout the community along with a personally signed copy of my book, Just because its that important to me that I get volunteers to help with this project that I've staked countless hours of sweat and toil unto and I need help. Please either send me a PM on here (you can use my email but I'm afraid it will go to junk since I get about 200+ emails of junk a day not all of them junk) or just reply down below, please don't bash me because I'm new, as I wrote in my book "There is nothing wrong with being new, there IS something wrong with not trying to change it though" so gimme a reply and lemme know if you wanna volunteer, don't whine about the length of this message because as you can see it took this long to brief you about the situation. I know I didn't really get into detail about what I need but its because I was told to be extremely closed about my book due to copy writes and the amount of time I've spent on this book I need to be incredibly closed doors on just about everything, even stuff like what I need, this isn't to say that I wont tell anything but I need to know that this is the right site to even discuss it in further details. So thanks everyone that has read and a bigger thanks to ANYONE THAT WISHES TO VOLUNTEER TO MAKE AIRSOFT A BETTER SPORT!.
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