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Meh...the worst time ever was when I was sniping once in the fall, not to the point where it had begun to snow, but to the point that water started freezing; anyways...I had my epic TM VSR10 when suddenly I heard my teammate yell "they" (opposing team) were flanking from the right on an out of bounds cliff (fml), so I slung my rifle over onto my back and took off, vaulting over rocks, and such. at one point, there was a downed tree that covered a FFP (Final Firing Position) I had made prior in the game, so as i placed my hand onto the stump and began to jump over, my feet coming down, i stepped onto a fresh piece of black ice, i lost my balance and fell backwards slamming my head onto the tree and then the ground, i still have a scar too at the back of my head
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