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Playing cqb at the Mill, got hit on the tip of the nose, got some blood and hurt like hell, then got hit on the lobe of the ear, no blood but hurt even worse, finally got hit on the nail of the middle finger, danced around for a while and it hurt for a few days but no serious damage Friend lost a tooth the same day, thats what you get for smiling while shooting at an enemy

Worse injury I witnessed was at Voodoo in Trois-rivieres: one guy hidden on the side of a house aiming at an enemy about 100 feet away. Another guy running at right angle on the other side of the house. The second guy appears on the corner just as the first guy fires full auto, only a few feet separating them. The second guy gets hit on the nostril and the skin cuts open as if you had used a knife for about 1/2 an inch, lots of blood and cries of pain. Made a big impression on the other players, the game slowed down for about 20 minutes The guy s okay, I hear he still plays, I guess he must be wary of corners now, I know I am
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