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i have a permanant scar on the tip of my nose

my team was training at "the farm" i was in the barn that had been converted to a kill house, i was on the top floor, didnt have my own rifle yet at this point so i was borrowing a teammate's m14

now im only 5'8" and 145lbs and i was inside, an m14 is a bit big for me to handle comfortably, and well its not a cqb gun

we had barricaded the stairs to the 2nd floor to make it easier to defend, one of my teammates playing op4, managed to get into the building without being hit. he runs an aug thats at about 375-400ish usin .25s it really is a beautiful rifle

i try to pop around the corner from the one room to pick him off, and am just not quick enough, he panics and lets er rip on full auto from about 10 feet away, tracking the shots from center of mass to right between my eyebrows

now this was before i had proper kit, so i had on a ballcap backwards and just some ballistics goggles. one managed to hit me on the very tip of the nose, and the other in the miniscule place between the top of my goggles and the edge of my ballcap

according to my teammates i dropped like id actually been shot, blearily i wiped my nose (i hate how when u get whacked on the nose hard enough ur eyes just automatically start welling up and your nose starts running)

looking at my sleeve i saw lots of blood, wiped my face underneath my googles, more blood

once the scabs fell off im stuck with a small dent in the very tip of my nose thankfully i was smart enough to keep my damn trap shut so i didnt loose any teeth

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