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Post Desert Eagle Make = ?

Hello, i have recently aquired a Desert Eagle, and i am unsure of the Maker.
the company i bought this from claims its a KSC however i have not known ksc to make Desert eagles.

i cannot find anything particular to this model, i was thinking its a KWC.
as thats the closest thing to it. Now it seems i would have had an easyer time getting a Real .50AE desert eagle.

i am also trying to find upgradeable part such as the barrel, slide and frame (Metal kits) much like the guarder kits you can get for TM's.

Weight is roughly 1005g (based on my small scale)

1:1 size IMI .50 Action Express Desert Eagle Mark XIX (19) (this is not branded under IWI, as most are now)

Matte Black

Barrel, Slide and frame are Reinforced ABS Plastic (feels really durable) the rest are pretty much metal, Steel/Aluminum aloy

Box states *Shoots 300fps measured in .12g* (feels more like 350fps with .25g)(Green Gas)

Not sure if this is a *Hard Kick* however it has the recoil of almost a .22 on a full can of gas

Field strips just like the real steel would

Not sure if i have left any thing out but i can give other details upon request, in case i have missed anything

Here is what i would like to Upgrade: (if you know where i can find some that would be great if you could tell me ;D)

Grip: Ivory Or Wood grip (ivory colored rubber)

Barrel, Slide and Frame: Preferably Metal (even just one of those three will do nicly

and just Extra parts (incase one breaks i can fix it faster)

And some extra Mags (always good to have)

Heres a few Pics (again i can add more if needed)
photobuckets not working (go figure, when i need it to work it wont)
so here is a link to the image

thanks for any and all help ;D
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