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G36 KV stock installation


After many moons, I bit the the bullet and ordered a KV stock for my SRC G36E (TSD Tactical SDGE0632)

The stock came with a section of wire that of course on one end has a smaller connection (used to connect to the gun), the other a slightly larger connection (used to connect to the battery).

I have the rifle in pieces in front of me, and have managed to remove gearbox/grip assembly from the lower receiver, disconnecting it of course from the forward wiring harness/fuse assembly.

Question: is there enough clearance inside the upper receiver to simply clip-in the extension supplied with the new stock (pic, two clips on the left), or must I sever the gun-side and extension-side connectors and solder the wires directly together (pic, two clips on the left)? I have been fiddling for a while, and my gut says there is no room in there and to "Snip and solder and be done with it!", but thought it best to ask first, for once.

Any input appreciated, and thanks in advance.
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