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Originally Posted by trevorthetwigyalienman View Post
hello, just moved to grand prairie, sold most of my kit before the move but ill be up and running by the spring at the latest. Ive got one more guy here from pei who says he will get kit together asap if there are games in the area. I organized quite a few games on the island and im very willing to help out here

Nope, get that road trip planned :P

Contact one of the guys down here. Moncton is probably closest to you so Knight (wKnight on here) us your best bet assuming hes not still on vacation... i am not sure.

You should head on over to where we are a little more active during the season.

Hopefully one of the seasoned members on the island will step up to the plate soon for AV, it would be a big hassle to have everyone drive to southern NB to get AVd.

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