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Originally Posted by TheAngrySniper View Post
Didn't the mags feed from the side of the gun in Halo?
Yes, they did actually! Good eye. The weapon designer of Halo was a big gun nut actually, and the SMG in Halo was clearly based on the MP7.

Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Custom reload rigs, big mags, whatever.

You'll still end up looking like an idiot. Haha.
Yeah, airsoft players are a lot harder to impress with antics than the rental kiddies at paintball, heheh.

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Without being age verified, we don't help or advise people where to find guns.

Edited for clarity. Thanks Ritz.
Wait, not even clearsoft? Now I've really gotta go to a game.

Originally Posted by fi3re View Post
does anyone thats played in a game actually think dual anything would somehow be an advantage?? try reloading two guns at once for one. I understand if its for shits and giggles, but seriously dont waste your money...
If everything was about tactical advantage and technical practicalities, we'd all drive the same car (a Honda), live in the same city (Vancouver), and own the same gear (Systema M4s and woodland camo).

It's a game, so why not have a bit of personality to it? I mean, I'm not blowing you guys off. I'd be entering into this "buy dual MP7s" arrangement knowing that it is impractical, quite silly, and will make me a laughing stock by serious players. But some people put spinning rims on their Honda
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