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Akimbo, seriously?

Fff.. Call of duty..

Anyway, These Mp7's are pretty trashy. With AEP's its pretty much TM or bust. And even then, AEP's are less than desirable. I own a TM VZ61 which had some magic-work done it by our local guntech. And even being upgraded to this extent it wouldn't be able to compete with AEG's unless in CQB.

With these Clearsoft clone POS the quality control is horrible, and materials inside are cheap and brittle. Don't expect these things to last very long should you look to use them extensively.

I've heard a lot of good things about GBBR Mp7's from KSC And KWA. But here those can run up from 500 - 700 dollars. Going 'Akimbo' would be less desirable, especially when magazines are quite costly themselves.

As for where to buy? I'm not too sure, I know some retailers stocked them at some point, but it didn't last too long.

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