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Most Embarrassing Thing Happened To Me? Okay, Today was my first game. There were around 8 of us, I wore a Black Leather Trench Coat, And it worked out okay.
So we were coming up with a quick RP (Role Play) idea for a small game. For fun.
The idea was, sense I had a trench coat, my friend was going to fill up one of his grenades, lay on the road and pretend to be hurt, I was to stand over him with his AK-74u tucked under my coat. The enemy was supposed to come up the road "Keep in mind the enemy literally had no idea what the RP was, and instructions were to just walk up the road" and I was to say that the injured man needed help and to be returned to base. He has a grenade tucked under his arm, pin pulled, so when he were to be moved the grenade was to go off, and I was to whip out the AK and blast them all. Yeah, so a guy came up, teammates behind him. He moved him, grenade drops, I take out the AK and....Click click click. "No fire" We were lit up like a fucking Christmas tree! Turns out Semi don't work on AK's. But I had it in full auto because I knew this. But while I had it under my coat it must have slipped into semi. And the plan Phailed. "With a P H" So yeah, it was embarrassing that I screwed up accidently slipping it into semi and screwing up the plans. But it was fun and realistic. Its like the gun jammed.

Sorry that was so long.
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