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Tracting down a old favorite Guarder RPK aka the beast

Ok guys here is the situation.

4 years Ago I got out of airsoft and sold my prized guarder RPK. I built and used this gun as my main weapon for 6 years and has served me well.

I sold this baby to a user called govermentgrant in 2006. BUT going thruw the sold threads I saw that he once again sold this gun to someone else in OCtober 2009 but I don't know to who.

I would realy like to track down who has my long lost rpk to try and buy it back from him or just let him know that i'm a future buyer. Yeah I know I could always buy a newer RPK ( by now this gun is over 12 years old and while in my hands whent thruw 12 cases of .2g BBs ( 4500 bbs a bag, 20 bags a case)) or just build a new one. But this thing has sentimental value.

I emaild and pm govermentgrant about the issue but he does not seem to drop by very often.

Any healp would be greatly appreciated

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